Known issues with AirVoice based Regal products

There is a few known issue with AirVoice Wireless (AT&T) based Regal products.

  • One issue is that in upgrading to 5G AT&T has reset special settings that are done on the account by AirVoice for the unit to function better. We can contact AirVoice for you to check/correct your account settings that could be an issue with your unit and are simple to fix but it still takes a while for this request to be processed.   This could fix your issues and we will contact you when we hear back that these simple setting issues have been resolved.  Note: These issues could happen again as it is AT&T that cause them.  
  • Another issue is that GSM Signal strength on many AT&T towers has been broken or degraded. The AirVoice based Regal unit uses the GSM network not the LTE that most of the cell Phones use in the USA.  So, your cell phone may work perfectly well as it is on LTE but the GSM signal is weak/broken.  When AT&T is upgrading towers to 5G they have been often causing the GSM signal issues on their towers which they have been slow to fix due to part shortages and other issues. A solution to this issue is to upgrade your unit to the new intuitive/better control for the SwitcheOn (Verizon, LTE-M) see more information on this upgrade at: upgrade-to-the-regal-line-of-remote-control-switches Blog post.