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  • D.H. Far Hills, NJ: “Works great thanks again” (April 2014)
  • D.R. Gordonsville, VA “Thanks again for your follow up. A+service!” (March 2014)
  • B.H., Fridley, MN: “This thing (REGAL WDR) has thousands of uses. The unit operated very reliably” (October 2010)
  • F.F., Racine, WI: “It (STD LDR) came on every time – very easy, clear instructions, good labeling.” (September 2010)
  • G.S., Racine, WI: “I’ve had my Regal WDR for two winter seasons now, What a pleasure it is to show up to the airport and have you airplane already preheated..” (February 2012)
  • D.D., Racine, WI: “It (STD LDR) worked great –“ (October 2010)
  • J.M., WI: “Generally, I was satisfied with the performance of your (STD LDR) product”. (November 2010)
  • E.H., Caledonia, WI: “Now it’s a simple matter to call my Industrial LDR to start my heaters, and when I arrive the work area is warming up nicely”. (November 2010)
  • L.H., Castlewood, SD: “working good went from signal strength of 4 to 17 thank you very much” customer noting signal improvement of WDR with remote antenna. (January 2012)
  • C.S., Cuyohga, OH: “I really like it!!! It’s such a great feeling to go the hangar and have that cowl nice and warm….makes me smile!!!” (February 2012)
  • J.R. Illinois: “I love my new unit (WDR). It allows me to control my battery tricle charger and engine Tanis heater separately!” (February 2012)
  • A.M. Indiana: “It works great, Carl! I’ve even tried to talk a friend into getting one-” (February 2012)
  • W.A. Washington “Yes it (WDR) works great,thanks for your help,B. A.” (February 2012)
  • P.M. Anchorage, AK “–the REGAL is working great. We have a total of ten club members using the unit. —Haven’t had a single issue!” (November 2012)
  • C.S. Cuyohga, OH “This is so cool !!!! (the iPhone App). I really like it….Great job!.” (October 2012)
  • R.D. Waukegan, IL “That is fantastic (REGAL w/iPhone App). …. I will seriously consider buying another.” (October 2012)
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