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Product Reliability and Customer Service

are the bedrock principles.

Our remote controls for electrical equipment resulted from needs of aircraft owners and pilots in the U.S. Midwest. Electric, on-board engine preheaters have made winter flying much more convenient. However, it became apparent that full use of these devices required an easy to use remote control system.

FST began developing its remote switches in 2009 and had operating prototypes on alpha test by January 2010. Documented load and functional tests were conducted throughout 2010. Field testing also suggested that the products were suited to other applications, such as Agriculture, Industry and Construction. In the course of testing, the REGAL WDR was subjected to hundreds of actuations, by phone call and text, with loads at or above the design wattage.

Test users were satisfied with the reliability and performance of the Beta units and purchased their test units. Their feedback was essential in making the products market ready.

Production units were delivered to customers in the Fall of 2011. Initial REGAL products were operated by user composed text messages and this was a barrier to easy utilization of the device’s features for some customers.

At AirVenture 2012 a free iPhone app was introduced, making all of REGAL’s features readily available to any user. Acceptance was immediate and positive. Existing users gave the App rave reviews. A free Android App was added for the 2013 winter season (has been discontinued since).

FST Cell Maintenance Service (CMS) was made available to new and existing REGAL owners in 2013. CMS relieves customers from managing their REGAL Cell accounts. A single annual fee provides economical cell service without monitoring by the user. 

In 2019 the company transition ownership and management to “DOVAIR AVIATION, INC”. “DOVAIR AVIATION, INC” parent company to Tanis Aircraft Products.

In 2020 we rebranded ourselves as with new logos and updated presence.

FST LLC is the sole provider of service and warranty for its products. 

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