U-Phone-iT [Sold by Aircraft Spruce]

U-Phone-iT [Sold by Aircraft Spruce]

U-Phone-iT 4G is a programmable remote switch for 115 Volt AC equipment.

Sold by Aircraft Spruce


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Sold by Aircraft Spruce

U-Phone-iT 4G is a programmable remote switch for 115 Volt AC equipment that is activated by telephone call or by text messages generated by free iPhone App or any text capable cell phone.
 U-Phone-iT 4G will execute a stored “Resident” Run cycle on receipt of a phone call.
 Two 115 VAC outlets are independently controlled, allowing the unit to service separate devices. Outlets are easily activated by ON/OFF or user- selected ON times commands.
 An approved user list and password protects U-Phone-iT 4G from unauthorized activation.
 The device can be interrogated for current status and stored programming. It responds promptly by Text message.
 The device monitors cell signal strength at its location, providing placement guidance for best reception.
 An optional remote antenna aids reception in cell resistant structures.
 Unit sends automatic notices of power failures and power restorations.
 U-Phone-iT 4G is delivered with active, prepaid cell service on the AT&T 4G system. User- managed cell service costs as little as $5.00 per month. Optional Cell Management Service (CMS) provides 360 days of service at a low fee.

What comes with U-Phone-iT 4G?

 Ready to use U-Phone-I T4G
 80 days prepaid Cell Service
 User manuals
 Free Remote Programming
 Free iPhone App

Additional information

Weight3 lbs
Dimensions9 × 5 × 5 in
Maximum Switching Amps

8.7 Amps

Current Protection

10 Amps

Phone system


Operational Temperature Range

-10 to 120º F (-23 to 49º C)

Voltage required

110-125 VAC

Maximum Wattage

1000 Watts @ 115 volts

AC Frequency

50 or 60 Hz

General Construction

ABS enclosure

Power Entry

Hard Wired


12 months parts and workmanship

External type jack for remote antenna





Operation Manual: U-Phone-iT Ops Manual

Manual: 11-12453, Manual U-phone-it

Manual: ANDROID Work-Around for U-Phone-iT

Spec sheet: U-Phone-iT Specs 4G


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